#Brexit Stage Left

imgresWell, the referendum is done and the majority voted and the country is now to gird it’s loins and exit the European Union.

Yep! The decision’s been made and now we just have to get on with it, right?


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My Skin Is Thick And My Shoulders Broad

imagesI think the title says it all, but I suppose I should elucidate.

You can call me all sorts of a bastard online or denigrate my intelligence, views (both ideological and religious), question my ethics, gender, orientation and morality.

You are free to do all of that and although I won’t say it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t send me into a rage… Most of the time I’ll be laughing at you… Not with you, but AT you!

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It’s All My Fault

imgresAs you can see by the title of this post, I freely admit that it’s all my fault. All of it… Absotively, posilutely all of it in the most complete sense of the words. I really can’t stress enough, just how much it really is ALL MY FAULT!

By the same measure, I take all the credit as well. Not only is it all my fault, but I’m also completely responsible for all the good stuff.

I sense a furrowed brow on the other side of the computer screen, well allow me to (hopefully) clear up any confusion.

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Clothe The Heavens With Blackness

imagesThe title of this post comes from the bible:

“I clothe the heavens with blackness And make sackcloth their covering.” – Isaiah 50:3

I thought it particularly fitting as I want to talk about darkness. In particular Dark Matter and Dark Energy… And why I don’t believe in them.

Why would I lack belief in these things?

Simple. They can’t be seen. We don’t know exactly what they are. In fact we know very little about them except that science says they exist.

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The Earth Is NOT Round!

imgresThe planet Earth is not round.

Yeah, I said it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing with those crazy kids at the Flat Earth Society, but it has to be said, the Earth is not round.

It’s an oblate spheroid.

And it is most definitely not flat!

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Paedophiles Need Help, Not Punishment?

urlSee the photo on the left? That delightful man is Trevor Monk, a convicted paedophile who has just been sentenced to 19 years in prison for paedophilia in the Philippines as well as having a huge number of child abuse photos and videos in his possession.

A disgusting and sick man, I’m sure that we can all agree… At least most of us.  This topic was covered by Jay Von Grime and Secular Scarlet in Scarlet’s blog post entitled ‘Paedophiles…The Pond Dwellers Of Twitter‘, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

No, what I want to address are a series of tweets by Project 2501 (Mr B) aka @funkydoolah.

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Team America: World Police

imgresAh the good old US of A. Self appointed leader and moral guardian for the free world.

Where would we be without that fine defender of democracy, doing battle on all fronts against the enemies of all the freedoms that we hold so dear.

United States of America: Leaders in the War on Terror.

Lets have a little look at some of terrorist acts from around the world that have taken place over the years and see what the Good Ole Boys have done about it.

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