6 Ways Atheist TV Can Be Improved

imgres8-150x150This is a guest post by my BFF, Godless Mom.

As many of you know, Atheist TV recently launched on the Roku platform and has been received with mixed reviews. Further, if you read my blog, you know I don’t mince words. It’s a fucking fantastic idea, Atheist TV is, but here’s the dilly yo yo: it sucks.

It’s all content we’ve seen before, and yeah, I love that it’s all in one place and I can tune in and safely not be accosted by christicles and jeebots. However, it’s pretty much just my YouTube subs.

Here are 6 ways they could improve Atheist TV, so GM might tune in more often:

imgres-12-150x1401.   Get rid of all the old white guys. Listen, I love a good, old, white guy just as much as the next heathen, but Jesus on a pogo stick, that is all. it. is. You know there are all sorts of other colours and genders and ages in the world, right? Fuck’s sake. I half expect to tune in to a canasta tournament every time I turn it on.

imgres-2-150x1502.   Humour! Atheists are supposed to be smart, and smart people are funny. Religion can also be funny! Here we have the best platform for unique programming that makes the audience guffaw, and we’re airing old episodes of the Atheist Experience? I mean, it’s fantastic as far as debate goes, but we get it on demand on YouTube, you realise?

imgres-3-150x1503.   Fun – Christ on a cracker, you make atheists look we had a funectomy. It wouldn’t be that hard to come up with some original programming that was just a little bit more entertaining than a 2 year old rally in Washington we’ve all seen before. I mean, game shows – who uttered that quote, trivia, NAME THAT ATHEIST! I could go on forever!

images1-150x1504.   Science – If there’s one thing we know all atheists love, it’s science. Have you seen all the fun and incredibly popular YouTube channels that do science? Do you know why they are popular? Because science fucking rocks! Get rid of the docs, and pull on some of these incredible YouTubers.

imgres9-150x1505.   Atheist Life Tips – You know, an atheist Mommy would be perfect for a show like that. How to deal with religious grandparents, how to deal with religious teachers, or what to do when you’re asked to pray. It could be like the View but less insipid, not as vacuous and way more fun.

imgres-13-150x1506.   The Atheist Race. Atheists must race from place of worship to place of worship, interpreting clues about religion to find their next destination and in and amongst it all, must complete challenges like the “Communion Balance” where a contestant must balance the body of Christ on his nose for at least 5 minutes after drinking a full bottle of Christ’s blood. The winner of the race, gets dinner with Dawkins. Done.

I realize there is little to no operating budget at Atheist TV, but all you have to do is take a stroll through some of the most popular YouTube channels to realise this is not an excuse in 2014:

  • Personalities don’t cost money.
  • Fun doesn’t cost money.
  • Humour doesn’t cost money.

I look forward to seeing how the channel grows and changes, as I know it will. What do you think of Atheist TV?

by Godless Mom – An atheist mommy blogger at http://www.godlessmom.com and brand new YouTuber at https://www.youtube.com/user/godlessmom

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