Are We Thinking Yet?

evilatheistsI’ve just caught sight of a Christian website called and they have something to say about atheism.

As you can probably guess, they’ve got it wrong… Again!

I’m not going to disassemble the entire post, but I am going to answer their first sentence, which is:

“There are two kinds of Atheists: Dogmatic Atheists say: “There is no God!” and try to prove it by their lifestyles. Virtual Atheists agree there is a God  but also live like the devil.”

FFS! Have you heard such a load of tripe in your life?  Actually, I’m guessing yes, either because you’re an atheist and you’ve heard this shit before, OR you’re a theist and you believe this shit!

Here we go again!

Dogmatic atheists say:

“There is no God!”.

Possibly. Unfortunately, I don’t know any, so I can’t confirm my position on this, one way or the other.  That’s what we do, us atheists.  We reserve judgement on an issue until we can inspect the evidence either for or against.

What we don’t do, is make an unsubstantiated claim and then fail to back it up with any evidence at all… That sort of behaviour is left to the theists of the world.

“and try to prove it by their lifestyles.”


An atheist, dogmatic or not doesn’t try to prove anything, what we do is ask you Mr God-Botherer to prove that there is a god.

And where does lifestyle come into it?  I suggest that the only difference between your lifestyle and mine, is that I don’t talk to myself before dinner and I get Sundays off.

Instead of climbing into a suit and toddling off to sing songs to Gandalf in the sky and give my hard earned cash to an already hugely wealthy organisation, I can lay in bed farting myself inside out, or spend time sweating and smiling whilst having a Sunday morning roll-together.

Dunno about anyone else, but I prefer my choices.

“Virtual Atheists agree there is a God  but also live like the devil.”

cropped-virtualatheistheader2Erm… I’m Virtual Atheist and I can quite categorically state that this particular statement is completely incorrect.  That’s right, it’s utter bollocks.

To say that an atheist of any stripe agrees there is a god, shows a level of idiocy and inability to understand basic English or complete intellectual dishonesty.  Due to a lack of evidence, I am unable to decide which.

Now, I am no debater, I think deep, but not fast.  For instance if you were to put me up against someone like William Lane Craig, I suspect I wouldn’t fare well… Unless this was the subject of the debate.  To be honest, I think I’d probably had him his arse on a silver plate, and in record time too!

And all I’d have to do is state, “I do not agree that there is a god… And I’m not only virtual atheist, I’m the Virtual Atheist!”


afc8574855892763aadfa5687f71c0e4Do you see how this works yet, Jeebot?  Evidence based decision making, it’s not fucking rocket science!

You see, the problem we have is not that we disagree with theists so much, as the fact that they both refuse to listen to our side of the debate, but also insist on telling us what we think!

I suppose, it’s to be expected, after all, isn’t telling people what they think, a prerogative that the various religions have arrogantly assigned to themselves since the year dot. And more likely a few fucking years before that too.

imgres1You can’t change the mind of such people.  Remember the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham?

Bill Nye stated that if the evidence provided was compelling the he would change his mind about the existence of god.  On the other hand, Ken Ham said that there was absolutely nothing that could change his mind.

So, Mr Ham, what’s the point of debating you?

imagesWell, that’s another easy one. You ain’t the target.  The audience is the target, and if you make yourself look a fool by debating a highly intelligent atheist like Mr Nye, then the audience, or at least some of them are going to see you for the charlatan that you are and also hopefully start to realise that religious belief based on the evidence we currently have is a waste of both time and money.

So keep debating Mr Ham, keep spewing your nonsense, because all you’re doing is swelling the ranks of the ever growing population of atheists in the world.

And that can only be a good thing.


This post originally appeared on my Virtual Atheist blog which I refer to myself as Virtual Atheist.

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