Atheism Is Beautiful

urlReligion has produced some beautiful things it must be said.  Grandiose architecture, fascinating and gorgeous imagery and as Godless Mom once said, the IslamicCall to Prayer is a beautiful thing.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but having seen for myself some of the buildings and creations inspired by religion, I’m forced to agree.

Religion has produced some truly beautiful things.


Hands up all those who knew that ‘but’ was coming.


images2All of the beauty inspired by and created in the name of religion is tainted.  Simply because of the sheer ugliness that religion has been and still is capable of.

I mean, one cannot but marvel at the work that has gone into creating such things as decorated and illuminated copies of the Bible and the Qu’Ran.

church2I defy anyone to be able to look at buildings such as the ones shown in this post and not stand in awe at the artifice involved.

Really.  I mean it

church1They are wonderful examples of beauty that man can create, regardless of whether you agree with the purpose for which they were built or not.

But the problem is the other side of the coin.

And that is the ugliness of the atrocities carried out in the name of God (or gods):

  • The persecution of Christians by the Romans
  • The persecution of Pagans by the Romans (Once Christianity had gained political control of the Roman Empire)
  • The Crusades
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Holocaust (Yes it was an atrocity based purely on religion),
  • The 9/11 and 7/7 attacks
  • The current problems in Africa and the Middle East with Boko Haram and ISIL

That is not an exhaustive list.

imgres11I mean, we have public executions of women in Afghanistan.  They were murdered for… Well.. Simply for having vaginas I think.

As you can see, that murder took place on a football pitch in front of a baying crowd.  What a fun day out for all the family.

Then we have the Yazidi’s who were brutally murdered by the ISIL.  Of course, women of all ages were raped first.  All in the name of Allah (Piss Be Upon Him).

bzljqhbigai0qe01The loving Christians are no better.  There’s the case of the clearly mentally ill woman who has beaten and set on fire because some Christians decided she was a witch.  This didn’t happen in the middle ages, it happened in the 21st Century!

So yes, religion has been responsible for the creation of some beautiful things, but they are far surpassed by the ugliness that  more than counter-balances them.

Now lets look at atheism.

First of all, what is it?

The dictionary has this to say:

“Atheism: The rejection of belief in God or gods.”

That’s it!

A single statement of a religious position describing a lack of belief in any and all mythical deity figures.

There are no great buildings dedicated to atheism.  No churches, no mosques, no temples.  Although there is such a thing as the Atheist Church, they normally meet in pubs or village halls.  And the label ‘church’ is used ironically.

There are no illuminated works of literature dedicated to a lack of belief in God.

Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of books, but we see no need to dress them up with fancy artwork or decoration.

So how can atheism be beautiful, I hear you ask.


url1It is precisely because it has none of the whistles and bells associated with religion.  But more importantly it has none of the ugliness associated with religious belief either.

There has never been a genocide carried out in the name of Dawkins.  Nobody ever started a Jihad in the name of Hitchens, and nobody has ever revered A Letter To A Christian Nation before chopping somebody’s head of on the Al Jazeera website.

No murders, rapes or torture have ever been carried out in the name of atheism.  Even by our militant atheists.

It’s not what we do.  Our weapons of choice are words, discussion, debate and sarcasm.


Hardly he same ballpark as religion, eh?

But that’s not the end of it.

We also have truth on our side.  The truth as described by the evidence for the existence of any and all supernatural entities of any kind.  To put it in it the simplest of terms… There isn’t any.  That’s right.  None!

“Ah,” say the theists, “Then you don’t have any evidence to support the non existence of God.”

Which is true, we don’t.  But then we don’t need any.  We make no claims.  We make no assumptions. We make no presuppositions.

We simply say, “Okay, you believe in a god or gods.  Fine show us the evidence to support your claim.”

It really is a zero sum equation on our part.  And as I said earlier, it is the truth.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. – John Keats

The sum total of atheism is the simple, elegant and incredibly beautiful dictionary definition.  It is so beautiful, I think I’ll say it again:

“Atheism: The rejection of belief in God or gods.”

Agree/Disagree?  I’m eager to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to comment.

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