Hello Wall, Fancy A Chat?

7298891Hello wall, fancy a chat?  We could talk about anything you want.  So what’s it to be? As if I didn’t know, just by looking at you.

What’s that? Yes I am an Atheist if you must know.

No, wall I don’t hate God.  I don’t believe in him/her/it.  How can I hate something or someone I just don’t believe actually exists?  You might as well accuse me of hating Lord Voldemort.  I mean let’s be honest, they are both just fictional characters in books.

If I’m brutally honest, I could say that Lord Voldemort has more chance of being real because he appears in more than just one book.No, I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just pointing out that the only ‘evidence’ you can supply for the existance of your god is a single book, and as that particular tome isn’t historically accurate in any other respect, why should I believe anything written in it?

What was that, wall?  I’m ignorant?  How can you say that? Yes, yes I have read it. From cover to cover if you must know.

890506Why read it if I’m an Atheist?  What a silly question, but I’ll answer it anyway. Simply so that you can’t call me ignorant.  After all, if I promote examining at the evidence provide, I should at least have a look at what your religion has to say.

I want you to understand though, that the bible doesn’t actually qualify as evidence… Yes I know all about Hebrews 11:1, I told you, I’ve read your bible.  Thats the verse that goes:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

See?  Told you that I knew me way around the bible.  Couple of things I need to point out here:

  1. Faith isn’t evidence. It’s a polar opposite.
  2. You can’t quote from the bible in order to validate the bible.

Allow me to demonstrate. What follows is an excerpt from my PhD Thesis proving 2+2=5:

I submit that 2+2=5.  The current thinking is that 2+2=4, but a divine being of infinite power came to me in a dream and declared the ultimate truth.  Dunno about you, but I was convinced. Therefore, that’s all the proof I need.
2+2=5 and that’s the end of it.
What? Erm… Well I have faith that the ketamine was nothing to do with it.  The whole thing happened exactly as I described.  Faith being what it is, you know, evidence of things unseen.
Can I have my PhD now, please?  That certificate’s gonna look pretty cool hanging on my wall.
In addition, I also claim the evidence shows I am the head of the CIA, make a mean pasta bolognese and I’m Austro-Hungary’s top classical pianist.

5757294I know that was ridiculous, wall.  But can you not see that all I did was exactly what the bible does?   Erm… Yes it is.  The bible makes statements that it purports to be historical facts and then declares them to be true because the words are in the bible and are the ultimate truth from God because God inspired the bible, therefore the words in the bible are true. This is known as circular logic and is a proven fallacy.

No, it’s not different at all! It’s EXACTLY THE SAME THING!Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout, It’s just… It’s just, talking to you is like talking to a bri… Well you know what I mean.

What? I already agreed with you that my example was silly.  But it annoys me that you can see my example is silly, but refuse to see the same silliness in your bible.

You’re threatening me with eternal damnation now?  No, I don’t worship the Satan.  Didn’t I already explain that I don’t believe in your religion?  Any of it, including God, any ‘history’ included in the bible, Heaven, Hell or Satan.  There is NOTHING about your religion that I believe.


No, I don’t say these things because I hate God!

You know what?  I’m done!

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