Stephen Hawking Is A Fool!

stephenhawkingThe renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is a fool!

It’s official because Ray Comfort said so and also provided compelling evidence to back up his claims.

In his video program The Comfort Zone, Ray lambasted Hawking for his idiocy and  poured scorn on his lack of intelligence.

Hang on.  Did I say he had compelling evidence?  Let’s examine it shall we?

raycomfortYes, lets have a little look at what the leading light of modern science and progress has to say about one time Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge:

“He [Hawking] can’t be one of the most brilliant minds alive today if he is an atheist.”

A bold claim.  So where’s the proof?

“The Bible says he is a fool.”

Okay, now where’s the proof?

“You know, if we disagree with the Bible, when someone says, ‘I’m an atheist,’ they’re saying, ‘I’m a fool.  They’re saying nothing created everything, which is just ludicrous intellectual suicide. The Bible says he who denies God’s existence is a fool, and if we say the guy is intelligent, then we are denying what scripture said.”

I’ll ask you again, where’s the proof?

Oh.  That’s it… That’s your proof.

Actually when someone says they’re an atheist, what they’re actually saying is that without credible and compelling evidence they do not believe in the existence of a supernatural deity.  No mention of intellect there.

buybullAnd I’ll reiterate, the bible isn’t proof of anything except perhaps how not to write a believable story with credible characters and a grounding in any sort of reality.

At no point can any word written in it be taken as historical record.  Neither can it be used as a guide on how to live a moral life.

And to be honest if it said in the bible that Pandas were black and white, I’d nip down the zoo to check for myself, after all isn’t the bible the book that claims a whale is a fish?

I mean, I know it’s a best seller and everything, but that doesn’t help your case and you can’t use it as an appeal to authority.  For one thing it has no authority over anyone who sees it for the drab pile of nonsense that it is.

And being a best seller is no guarantee of quality.  The Da Vinci Code was a best seller 😉

Also, let’s look at the two of you and compare accomplishments shall we?

First we have Professor Stephen Hawking:

  • Adams Prize (1966)
  • FRS (1974)
  • Eddington Medal (1975)
  • Heineman Prize (1976)
  • Hughes Medal (1976)
  • Albert Einstein Award (1978)
  • CBE (1982)
  • RAS Gold Medal (1985)
  • Dirac Medal (1987)
  • Wolf Prize (1988)
  • CH (1989)
  • Prince of Asturias Award (1989)
  • Naylor Prize and Lectureship (1999)
  • Lilienfeld Prize (1999)
  • Albert Medal (Royal Society of Arts) (1999)
  • Copley Medal (2006)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)
  • Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)

Okay, quite a list of awards.  All of which were earned by adding to the sum of human knowledge, working to find the scientific truths behind the workings of the Universe and for teaching others to do the same.

Now, what does Ray Comfort have:

  • Claimed the banana was evidence of the proof of God and turned out to be wrong.

Erm… I hope Mr Comfort understands why I would take anything he said with a bucket, possibly even a skip load of salt.

Deciding which one of you is the fool should not be a very long deliberation.

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