Suffer Not A Witch To Live

bzljqhbigai0qe0I am sure that many of you have seen a video on YouTube of a woman in Nigeria who was burned and severely beaten by an angry mob.

The reason?

She is a witch of course.  What other rational explanation could there be?

If you really want to watch it, the video is below:

Have you ever seen anything so disgusting?

Not only has she been brutalised, but the baying crowd are jostling to film it.  Also, a police officer is there and does absolutely nothing to help.

Only one man keeps the crowd back, lashing out with a stick to stop those murderous thugs from finishing what they started until she could be removed from the scene and taken to hospital.  Sadly she died from her injuries en route.

Actually, there is something worse to see and it’s this:

It is a series of still photographs of the sickening event set to nice, jolly,  up tempo Calypso music.  That’s right, somebody decided to use this woman’s torture and resulting death for entertainment.

Now let’s look at the evidence that the crowd needed in order to try, convict and execute her.

Sorry, did I say execute?

I meant brutally murder!

The following is a quote from a BBC News report:

Banke Idowu was one of those who filmed a video of the woman – in her case she was asked by a journalist friend to go to the scene. She tells BBC Trending that as she arrived, she was told about the metamorphosis by others in the crowd. She herself believes the explanation of witchcraft. “I’ve never seen it in real life, but I’ve heard about it and seen it in films, so when they said it happened, I believed it.” Asked if she failed in her duty to protect the woman, Idowu says that in stepping in, she would have been putting her own life at risk. “Some people may think you belong to the same cult, and they may end up attacking you.”

images11Admittedly, she may have had a point about not stepping in to help as she would be endangering her own life.


She believed it herself!  That’s right, a modern woman living in the twenty-first century was told by a random stranger that an old woman was a witch and believed it.

Without evidence.

Without proof.

Without anything except her own gullible incredulity.

The BBC goes on to report the following:

Accusations of witchcraft remain common in this part of the world, says Hermione Harris, a social anthropologist at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. “In a secular society like ours it’s very hard to grasp a belief in supernatural forces.” But the notion of witches and wizards is embedded in a form of Pentecostal Christianity that is popular in Nigeria, she explains.

And there we have it.  Yet again, religion is found to be behind another outrageous atrocity.  And just for variety it is christianity to blame this time.

I don’t see Islam being blamed for this one.  I saw no ISIL flags in the video, just a baying crowd of loving, tolerant, rabid, murderous christians!

Yes I know that they are only following the words of their bible:

Exodus 22:18 – Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

Really?   Are you sure?  You clueless christians do know that it was an error in translation don’t you?  It should actually say:

Exodus 22:18 – Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.

So even when you are following another one of your loving god’s orders, you can’t even get it right!

I don’t know why anyone can follow the words of the Bible (or the Qu’Ran) and feel able to claim any sort of moral superiority over a cockroach, let alone an enlightened atheist.

Or claim to be persecuted.  I saw no persecution of anyone in that video except for an old woman who desperately needed help and instead got a brutal and undeserved death.

Religion sickens me!

I now challenge any theist to comment below and attempt to justify or defend the actions of those barbaric animals in the crowd.


I dare you!

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