The Two Scariest Lies: WTF?

imgres11-150x150Evangelist and fear monger, Francis Chan has some interesting opinions on what he believes are the two scariest lies in the world right now.

“I believe the two scariest lies on the earth right now that are so prevalent are that you are a good person and that because God is a loving God, He will not punish … every funeral you go to, you hear people say ‘he or she was a good person’ and we have this belief that we do more good than bad and the reason that’s a lie is because God says so.”


So there are no good people on the planet.  Not even one.

“Although man may think of themselves as doers of good, God sees sin in them.”

images2-150x150I thought that was what you said. So everybody, absolutely everybody in the world is a ball of purest evil just waiting for the opportunity to rob, rape and murder without the slightest provocation.

And this includes you Mr Preacher Man, and you Red Cross volunteers, Doctors Without Borders, and lets not forget those awful people who man soup kitchens and help the homeless supplying food, blankets and what other support they can.

You utter bastards! How do you sleep at night?

imgres-14-150x150Take one particular example, film actor Steve Buscemi*.  Before he became well known as an actor, he was a fireman, and even now volunteers as a part time fireman.  He didn’t advertise that fact, it wasn’t part of some sort of PR campaign.  He just does it.

Why? It’s not like he needs the money.  Could it be that he is actually quite a good person?  After all, whether you love or loathe his body of film and television work, you have to admit that there’s a certain innate goodness about someone who is willing to fight fires, save lives and risk his own doing so, without any real need.

Or is Steve Buscemi a heartless, evil bastard as well?

“You’ve got to remember the things God has done in history like when he looked at the world in Genesis 6 and said, ‘I am great, look at the world, they’re all so evil so I’m going to flood the world and destroy them all.’”

God sees all and is just waiting for the chance to punish you for the slightest infraction of his ridiculous rules, real or imagined.

Hang the fuck on there, Matey!

imgres-21-150x150This from the ultimate narcissist who starts the sentence with “I am great”.  Well he’s nothing if not self-confident. But let me see if I have this straight.  God created everything, the universe, the planet, you, me, fluffy bunny rabbits and everything?

He’s the ultimate designer and all round good egg, so he’s infallible yes?

Okay then, if we’re inherently evil, it must be because he designed us that way according to the christian philosophy, and that can’t be denied.

God created everything, so everything is God’s fault!

If we as a species are evil, then it is by God’s design and as such, by what right does he/she/it destroy us by flood, murder or genocide or send us to an eternal lake of fire simply for following his programming?

Or worse yet, we are going against his holy coding of love, peace and happiness.

Could it be that your god isn’t the be all and end all that you say he is?

  1. If we are evil through his design and get sent to Hell for being true to his design, then he doesn’t sound like a loving god to me.  Sounds like a bit of a bastard if you must know!
  2. If we are evil in spite of his lovely ideals, then his plan is failing and is therefore not ineffable… He ain’t perfect after all.

And if he’s so good, then why did he create lovely things like  Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, the so-called Zombie Fungus, and there are other brutal fuckers out there too, all of whom are God’s handiwork.

Lose/Lose scenario there for you religious types, is it not?

“I’m sure there were people back then who said they were good people but God looked down and said, ‘there is no one righteous, except for Noah.’ That goes with the second lie that is so destructive because people say God can’t punish and there’s no such thing as hell.”

What second lie?

The bible is full of examples of God punishing mankind for real or imagined slights and I have no recollection of any ‘credible’ theist saying otherwise, although they will try to find ways to excuse it all.

imgres-31-150x150And Noah was righteous?

Fucking Noah?

An incestuous drunkard was the best God could find?  Seems to me that God set the bar pretty low.

With standards like that, how does anyone fail the test?

So not only is God less than credible when it comes to punishment fitting the ‘crime’ but he’s a crap judge of character too.  Does that sound omniscient to you?

“God cast people into the lake of fire, whose name is not found written in the book of life, to make the point that while He is forgiving and merciful, no one escapes His chastisement.”


* STOP PRESS: Steve Buscemi is an atheist.  My bad, he must be an evil baby eater, so yes, he does deserve to swim in the lava lake until the end of time.

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