Faith Is Spiritualised Imagination.

Blind FaithAs I’ve said in another post, I have faith.

I freely admit it.

What I don’t have is blind faith.  Because that would be a dangerous thing.

Allow me to explain.

If you look in the dictionary,you will see that the word faith has several distinct definitions.  One is:

Confidence or trust in a person or thing.

Another is:

Belief that is not based on proof.

Let me be quite clear.  The definition of faith that I apply to myself is the first one. I assume that proof is inherent in the definition as the second meaning clearly differentiates itself by stating that proof is not a requirement for faith.


Okay, I have faith that:

  • The information in text books is correct.
  • My friends are trustworthy and honest.
  • The Sun will rise tomorrow.

I’ll take each one of these in turn.

The information in text books is correct.

imgres4Am I able to prove that text books used in schools and universities are correct?  Of course not, at least not all of them.  I simply don’t have the level of knowledge required to test the information for myself.  But I do know that there are many, many people throughout the world who do have the necessary knowledge and experience to validate the information they contain.

The text book is written, then it is proofed, then it is amended where required and proofed again.  Once it is published, it is then completely open to the scrutiny of experts worldwide, and if it is incorrect in any way, there are bound to be several voices pointing the errors out.  After all, that’s why some text books contain errata sheets.

There is no worldwide conspiracy to put false data in text books in order to fool the masses for no readily apparent reason.

Therefore, I have faith in text books.

My friends are trustworthy and honest.

imgresIn order to become my friend, you must display honesty and trustworthiness towards me and we must like each other.

The history of the behaviour shown by my friend towards me will engender a level of trust in him or her.  That life experience is the proof I need to have faith in my friend.

Therefore, I have faith in my friends.

The Sun will rise tomorrow.

imgresThe Sun has in my experience risen every day since as far back as I can remember.  There are no recorded cases in history of the Sun ever failing to rise.  Newton’s laws of motion have proven that there is a correlation between the motion of the Earth and the Sun, that means I have every right to have faith that the Sun will rise tomorrow.

Therefore, I have faith that the Sun will rise tomorrow.

I have faith in these things.  But my faith is not blind.

For instance, new information could come to light that will render some or all of the information in a text book obsolete.  Simple solution, write a new text book.

A friend may steal money from me, or perhaps cheat with my partner.  Both of these things have happened in my past. Simple solution, the partner and the friend are dropped.  Has this shaken my faith in my other friends? No, just the ones who proved by their actions that they were no longer worthy to be called my friend.

imagesThe Sun could go Nova between now and tomorrow morning.  Unlikely, but true.  Science has proven that the lifespan of the Sun is expected to be many millions of years before it goes nova, so barring some sort of alien star buster type bomb, I still have faith in a pretty sunrise tomorrow.

Does that make sense?

imagesI have faith, but it is not blind faith, as I am willing to amend and update my position dependant on the evidence set before me.

My faith requires evidence, but can be misplaced, even though I like to think I live by the old axiom, “Trust But Verify.”

Blind Faith

Now let’s have a look at the second definition.  The one that theists delight in applying to all situations where the word faith may be applied.

If no proof is required, then no amount of evidence contrary to your position will ever be enough to shake your faith.

Your point of view cannot be changed.

You have blind faith.

And this is dangerous, why?

Because it allows the faithful to be lead astray, sometime in a big way.

Question: Is there any verifiable evidence to support the existence of Allah’s Garden (Piss Be Upon Him)? And in addition to that, where’s the proof that there are 72 virgins for each of the faithful who make it there?

Answer: None. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

But that doesn’t stop many Islamic extremist zealots from committing acts of terrorism and even deliberately blowing themselves up with the aim of admittance into paradise.

Where is the evidence to support the fiction that the Christian God is a right wing Pro Lifer with a penchant for carrying automatic weapons in a Walmart?

I know it says these things in the Bible and the Qu’Ran.  Or at least the views can be (ahem) inferred or ‘interpreted’ to make it appear so.


The Bible and the Qu’Ran fail every test when it comes to be accepted as evidence.  Neither of them are supported in any way by any other contemporary documents.  Both of them have been edited/amended over time (in the case of the Bible, several times).

If I were a cynical man, I might say that the holy books were amended to suit the agenda of whoever happened to be in charge of a particular religion at the time.  And no, I don’t mean the mythological deity figure who is the figurehead, I mean the human who is actually running things!

After all, why else would there have been any need for the several Councils of Nicea to ratify the end product?

Why would there have been any need for editing of the King James Bible in 1611?  Surely a straight translation would have been sufficient.

And why is the Qu’Ran so fucking ambiguous that any and all viewpoints (even when diametrically opposed) can be justified?

History is rife with examples of how blind faith is damaging to the human race.  Too many to go into… Again!

And it’s ongoing.  Check out my Twitter feed and my FaceBook page where I post outrageous news items about the horrors religion inflicts on the human race, pretty much daily!

If those individuals lost the blind from their faith then maybe, just maybe they would do what I do:


And as I stated earlier, neither the Bible nor the Qu’Ran can be verified.  So by losing the ‘blind‘ part of their faith, those sorry individuals could open their eyes completely and lose the ‘without proof’ from their world view.

Hopefully, leading them to drop religion from their lives and step into the light provided by science, reason and rationality.

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6 Responses to Faith Is Spiritualised Imagination.

  1. sanora1 says:

    Good post. I liked it. But you know, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because some parts of holy books may not be true, does not invalidate the parts of those books which are true. Blind faith is caused in part by the frustration people encounter in trying to sort out the wheat fro the chaff. After a while, people simply give up and they decide that it is easier to either reject the whole book out of hand, or accept all of it as truth, with the encouragement of the church, and other believers. If you still want to believe in God, and cover all your bases, it is the safest and easiest route for those people who want to take the path of least resistance.

    Religions are organizations which try very hard to expand their membership simply because they know that if your not growing in numbers, then your organization must be dying, and so those have always been the primary activities that these organizations have strived for. Fear has always been a great way to control people, even to the present day. If you told people they had nothing to worry about, no one was a sinner, there is no hell, God is a great and loving deity, and you’re a spiritual being who will live forever,…who would show up for church? Now Just like the Holy books, we should not deny the good religious organizations do, just because they do things that are not so good. It would be better to just see them for what they are, and decide if we want to be a part of that or not.

    I for one, believe in God, who is infinite and eternal, and who pre-dates every religion that has ever existed. Religion needs God to justify its existence, but God does not need religion, in order to validate itself.


    • Firstly, please demonstrate (with citations) which parts are true and which are not. As there is absolutely NO evidence of any kind to support the word of the Bible other than the Bible itself. No contemporary independent documents support it. None!

      I see every religious organisation for what they are, very clearly. They are self-serving entities that exist purely to make money from and attempt to control the populace, sometimes with violence and even death. EVERY religious organisation is or has been guilty of this.

      So you believe in God, but require no religious organisation to run as a go-between. All well and good, but please explain (with a complete lack of evidence to support your position) how your blind faith is any different from, for instance, the Catholic church or Islam.

      Blind faith is what it is. Ultimately a destructive force against human progress.


      • sanora1 says:

        You know, your request for me to sight truth in holy scriptures is a common request made by those who have a bone to pick with religion and the bible. But I have already expressed truth in my previous response to your post, and it went unrecognised by you. What makes you think you’d do any better with more truth?
        I have dome my homework, over many many years. I have no interest in doing yours for you. I also recognize the futile nature of attempting to do that. Those who are locked into the material world, keep trying to draw the conversation back into that realm which they are the most familiar and knowledgeable about. They always want to play on their “home field.” I for one stay with what is true, and that is that, some things are easily recognized for what they are, and some things are not so easily recognized, because they require a foundation of knowledge upon which to base concepts . Without that foundation, it is just a lot of gibberish to people. As I’m sure many scientific precepts would be to those who are unversed in the knowledge necessary to make sense of those precepts.
        With all do respect to you as a person, I would say that you are less concerned with truth, than you are about being correct, and winning some kind of intellectual debate over a God believing individual.
        Oh, and by the way, there is not one piece of data that you can access that does not have to be filtered through, and ultimately processed by, the human mind, before a conclusion can be reached. All the proof, evidence that your so fond of, has already been filtered through, and processed by, the top minds in their field, and then passed along to other people, who filtered it through their set of perceptions. No information is unbiased,…none. Every person perceives the world through their own filter, which is their mind. Unless of course you have improved on that natural aspect of creation.
        So to wind this up, let me say that your backlash against ignorance in the area of religion is understandable, even commendable, but you have thrown (I’m making an assumption here) the whole spiritual side of humanity out the window in the process, and that is a limitation in both thought and perception. God must be found “within” first, and once you have found God within yourself, then you will see God externally. Until that day, you’ll keep looking for God, externally, and never find it. Not because it it not there, but because you have no clue what it is your looking for.


      • Oh no no no. You are sidestepping. You make a claim and the onus is on YOU to provide evidence, not for me to go looking for it myself.

        Also the remainder of your comment was a mish mash of spiritualist buzzwords and jargon with no real meaning.

        Yet again the theist attempts to use misdirection to try to hide the fact that he has NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER!

        Bye then. You are dismissed


  2. mike and brandy says:

    that was an awesome exchange. reminds me of a tv show I once saw… hmmm, what was it now?

    Ann: “Sanora1, You ARE… theweakestlink. goodbye!”

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