Atheism – A Few Points Addressed

imagesYou know what?

I’m sick of it!

I’m sick of theists not only telling me what to think, but also what I am actually thinking.  So I thought I’d address a few points about atheism that are currently pissing me off!

Here goes…

You’re only an atheist because you hate God!

hategodNope.  I don’t hate your god at all.  I simply don’t believe that he/she/it exists.  In order to hate something you have to believe it exists… Which I don’t.


Can I make my point any clearer than that?

To say that I hate your god is like saying I hate Santa Claus, Lord Voldemort or Captain America.

Now, do I hate the concept of God?

Again, I have to say no.  In early history, god or gods were a necessary part of human development.  They were basic attempts by our ancient ancestors to explain the world around them.

The way I see it, they were the building blocks of progress and advancement.  The majority believed for instance that the Sun was dragged across the sky on a golden chariot, but a small minority would have a think and then see if their observations matched the legend.

imgresSlowly, over time, the layers of reality were peeled away, leading to the modern knowledge that the Sun is a huge nuclear fusion reactor that converts hydrogen into light and heat energy.

Modern chemistry has its roots in alchemy, which was a highly spiritual concept.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the obsession with converting base metals into gold, but the true goal of alchemy was more concerned with converting flesh to spirit… But it has lead to advances in many scientific fields.

So, yes, I agree that there is a place for gods and spirituality in human development.

The problem is, that we have now grown beyond the need for assigning supernatural qualities to entirely natural processes.  The time for gods is past.

Do I hate the concept of gods?  No, I just think they’re outmoded.

You’re only an atheist because you hate religion!

imagesYes I do hate organised religion, but it’s not the reason I’m an atheist.  In fact my hatred of religion is completely divorced from my atheism.

But how can that be?” I hear you cry.


I hate any ideology that thrives, revels and otherwise delights in the suffering and death of people.

You note that I don’t say non believers.  Look into the history of any organised religion and you will find many examples of atrocities carried out against their own.

The Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims are constantly killing each other (especially their own women) when they can’t find any Christians and/or Atheists to brutalise and murder.

The Christian church has the Crusades, the first one in the Middle East where they targeted Islam, and the second in Europe where they targeted Cathars, a branch of Gnostics who didn’t see the need for an organised church to act as an intermediary between them and their god.

Then there is the historic animosity between the Catholics and Protestants which lead to the troubles in Northern Ireland… Again, two sides of the same Christian coin!

All organised religions are guilty to a greater or lesser degree, of violence and murder for ideological reasons.

But that has nothing to do with my atheism.

I hate any ideology that causes needless death and destruction. Stalinist communism and Nazism to name but two.

As an atheist, I say that I do not believe in any god because there is no evidence to support his/her/its existence.  It has absolutely nothing to do with my political and social opinions.

You’re only an atheist so you have an excuse to live an immoral life!


Sorry, I like to think that I will do the right thing in most situations.

I spent 22 years in the army, doing my bit to help the fight against terrorism and tyranny.

Following that I spent time working as a domiciliary carer, helping the elderly and vulnerable adults to live at home and give them at least a small measure of independence.

Does that sound like a baby eating, puppy raping, evil bastard to you?

I give to charity and have also, over the years, taken part in many, many charity events to raise money for various appeals.

Never have I cheated on a partner, robbed a bank, murdered anyone or beaten a woman for any reason, even for showing her ankles in public.

I don’t take drugs, drink to excess or wantonly womanise.

So tell me, in what way am I using atheism to lead an immoral life?

You’re only an atheist because you refuse to see the evidence in front of you!

imagesWhat evidence?  You haven’t presented any.



And before you say it,neither the Bible nor the Qu’Ran can be considered as evidence, because they and the information they portray as facts cannot pass the the scientific method.  They are not validated or supported in any way by any other contemporary documents.

Although they may have been correct about one or two historical events, the problem is that they can’t be corroborated.  Allied to that, they both make so many ridiculous claims that any ‘fact‘ taken from either of them must be suspect.

imgresSo no, I am not an atheist because I can’t see your evidence.

I’m an atheist because you haven’t got any evidence!

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6 Responses to Atheism – A Few Points Addressed

  1. Godless Mom says:

    It’s sad how often we have to say these things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cheryl says:

    Nice essay, very concise. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise how we have to debunk the same accusations about atheism over & over. Theists tend to use whatever language that has been programed into them from their particular group.

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  3. Helen says:

    I quite like looking through an article that will
    make men and women think. Also, thank you for permitting
    me to comment!

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  4. James says:

    The scientific method is a sufficient, but not a necessary condition for gaining knowledge from “evidence.” There are at least 5 different ways other than the scientific method to gain knowledge as explained here:


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