Caitlyn Jenner? Nope! It’s Still Bruce.

imagesAt least according to those idiots who write for it is.

You see, those utter morons are once again spouting about a subject they clearly don’t understand.

At all!

Allow me to demonstrate what I mean.

Current media darling, Caitlyn Jenner has just featured in a photo shoot and was on the cover of Vanity Fair.  Fair enough, as you may have noticed, she is clearly a very attractive woman.  But she was born male and lived for the first part of her life with the name William Bruce Jenner.

Although she has had some cosmetic surgery and is currently undergoing hormone treatment, she has (at the time of publication) not yet completed the final step of gender reassignment surgery.

I’m sure that you and I, as reasonable human beings agree that to all intents and purposes, Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, regardless of her current physical status.

fischer kincaidNot so, according to those imbeciles at  Especially Bryan Fischer and Cliff Kincaid. Two people who love to talk about subjects well outside their sphere of expertise… If they are expert at anything except showing themselves to be completely ignorant in a variety of areas.

For instance, in his article entitled, “Bruce Jenner is a ‘he’ in every single cell of his body” dated 2 June 2015, Fischer had this to say:

Bruce Jenner needs prayer more than adulation at this time in his life. Recent twists and turns in his life call for sympathy and compassion from us rather than praise and awards for courage.

First thing.  Nobody needs prayer.  As it is clearly an exercise in futility when it comes to actually accomplishing anything.  Also,  Caitlyn is absolutely worthy of our sympathy and compassion for the struggle that her life must have been prior to coming out as a woman. But also absolutely deserved is the praise and awards for courage that she has garnered.

It must be incredibly difficult to live, trapped in a body of the wrong gender. And for someone, – especially someone as high profile as Bruce Jenner – to publicly face up to the reality that he should have been her

Well.  Need I say more?

He is quite obviously confused about his own identity, a weakness which others are preying on to make money.

I disagree.  Maybe he once was confused, but now, she clearly isn’t. At least about her gender identity,  In every way that is important, Caitlyn is still the same person as Bruce, the only difference is gender.

Well, maybe another difference is that’s she’s happier now, and I for one can’t see a single thing wrong with that!

As everyone is aware by now, Bruce Jenner is the subject of a flashy cover photo on Vanity Fair and a breathless 22 page hagiography on the inside. He is now presenting himself to a morally addled world as a woman.

Again, wrong! She is presenting herself as an confident, attractive woman, unafraid to show the world that she is comfortable living her life as she wants to.

But Bruce Jenner is still a man. He is a man in every single, solitary cell of his body. His DNA will be indisputably male for the rest of his life.

Physically, until the final surgeries take place, then I agree, Caitlyn is technically still male. But the issue is, emotionally and psychologically, she is and has always been female.  The only reason she was born male was a genetic abnormality where the chromosomes that select the gender of the foetus in utero, selected the wrong one.

Bruce was the result of a genetic defect.

Caitlyn is the result of modern science correcting the defect.

His maleness is a simple, incontrovertible fact – a medical, biological, genetic and scientific fact. And as John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things.

Incontrovertibly, her ‘femaleness’ is the actual fact.  Otherwise, she would not have felt the need to begin the process of changing gender.

And let me assure you, the process is not an easy one.  You don’t just nip to your local GP and start the hormone treatment, then pop to Casualty and go under the knife.  There are any amount of emotional and psychological appraisals that have to be passed before any medical procedures take place.  The individual must completely satisfy a battery of experts that there is no confusion and no doubt about their gender identity.

Then there is the hormone replacement therapy as well as various cosmetic surgeries that may be required before the final step of complete gender reassignment.

There is also a support network in place for the individual before, during and after the change is completed.

Let me be quite candid.  The road from male to female or vice versa is not a road well travelled because it it an extremely difficult one.  And it will not happen if there is any doubt in the mind of both the individual or the medical experts concerned.

This, by the way, makes us social conservatives the pro-science ones in this discussion. The PC crowd is mind-numbingly and aggressively hostile to science when it comes to human sexuality.


No amount of surgical mutilation and no air-brushed photo spread can change the truth about Bruce Jenner’s gender.

Oh so it’s mutilation now?  I’m sure that the surgeons will love the idea that their many years in Medical School learning their craft can be  dismissed in such a cavalier fashion by somebody with absolutely no medical expertise whatsoever!

And who said an airbrush was used?  Any evidence to back that up? Oh, my bad.  You don’t rely on such things as actual evidence. Sorry.

The Bible has it right from the very first page. “God created man in his own image…male and female he created them” (Gen. 1:27). According to the laws of nature and nature’s God, gender is a binary matter.

Ah there it is!  The proof from that fine old biology text book, the Bible.  The book that is renowned for being completely incorrect on every subject ranging from history and biology to morality and zoology (A whale is not a fish).

The tragedy with regard to Mr. Jenner is that he has almost a one in two chance of trying to kill himself. It is a matter of fact that an astonishing 41% of transgenders attempt suicide at some point. The attempted suicide rate in the general population, in stark contrast, is around five percent.

Ooh.  The skewed statistics defence.

What he fails to point out is that the figure of 41% is based on the experience of transgendered people before they gain access to the support network that can allow them to be the person they were always meant to be.

And if I’m brutally honest, it is more to do with the opinions and perceptions of these two authors and other like them, rather than a failing on the part of, or a character flaw in the transgendered!

Psychiatrists, despite decades of pressure, still identity transgenderism as a mental “disorder.” The word “disorder,” according to the dictionary, means “a state of confusion.” Synonyms offered by the dictionary include “mess, disarray, chaos.”

Which it is.  Based purely on the fact that an otherwise healthy person is trapped in a body of the wrong gender.  If that doesn’t qualify as a ‘state of confusion’ I really don’t know what does!

But once the transgender is given the means to change their sex, then the disorder is self-correcting.

In his article entitled, “The left is schizoid on sexuality” dated 5 June 2015, Mr Fischer goes on to say:

The left is hopelessly schizoid on the issue of sexuality. Those on the left celebrate changes in gender but want to criminalize those who help others make changes in sexual orientation.

That’s because they are two entirely different issues.

And it is more likely that the criminalisation of making changes in sexual orientation is more to do with the methods employed by organisations such as Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) and the so called “Pray the Gay Away” Jesus Camps.  To be frank, their success rate is pitiful and the numbers of problems they have caused for their victims far outweighs any successes.

Any doubt about whether SOCE is harmful can be clarified by its survivors:

  • 92 percent of whom said they experienced harm.
  • 16 percent went so far as to say it “devastated my life.”
  • 31% saying that they were “harmed a lot.”

When answering another question about why they stopped pursuing ex-gay therapy: 22% said it was because they “had a nervous breakdown.”

Harms that were documented included:

  • Shame (80%)
  • Emotional harm (79%)
  • Depression (72%)
  • Suicidal because of the therapy (41%)

Also, sexual orientation is not a genetic mistake like transgenderism.  Because an individual is born male, but wishes to become female does not in any way affect the sexual orientation of the individual. I for instance, used to work with a female, bisexual colleague who was in a lesbian relationship with a post op female, who had absolutely no interest in men. She was a lesbian woman trapped in the body of a man.

I suggest that most homosexual men are quite happy being male, just as most lesbian women are quite happy being female.

So even the APA admits in its own words that reparative therapy can be successful. Nicholas Cummings, a former APA president and chief psychologist for Kaiser Permanente, said he saw 18,000 gay patients over the course of his practice, and “hundreds” changed their sexual orientation.

18,000 patients and ‘hundreds’ changed their orientation? Citations for successes?

The Bible’s take on transgenderism is not subtle, according to Deuteronomy 22:5. “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Your point?  Yet again you are conflating (based on the Buy Bull).  This time though you don’t even conflate transgenderism and sexual orientation.

Tell me, what does transvestitism have to do with the subject at hand?  I am eager to know!

You know what?  I’ve had enough of this twat.  I’m going to move on to look at what Cliff Kincaid has to say in his 3 June 2015 article, “DNA denier Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a Big Media star“.

There is no evidence that Jenner has changed his male DNA or even that his name has been legally changed to Caitlyn. Nevertheless, the NLGJA declared that “Now that Jenner has publicly announced a gender identity, the best practice is to refer to Caitlyn Jenner by the name she announced.”

There is no such thing as male or female DNA.  Gender is decided by one particular chromosome.

Also, as Caitlyn has now legally changed her name from William Bruce Jenner, then it’s not best practice, it is simply offering her the privilege of using her fucking name!

On this basis, journalists are supposed to disregard reality and accept whatever various sexual minorities or psychologically disturbed individuals claim to be the case.

Erm… In what way would this be disregarding reality? And by your same standard, I should decide for myself what name I bestow upon every person from whatever minority.  Does this mean that I get to all all black people Rastus and Liza dependent on gender obviously.  Oh, all Italian men living in my home town of Hull are now all named Guiseppe.

This flies in the face of normal rules of objective reporting, which require that things be covered in the way they are, not as people wish them to be.

In what way?  Objective reporting has nothing to do with referring to an individual by their legal name.  To do otherwise would be dishonest, immoral and covering things the way you wish them to be, rather than as they actually are!

“Today,” the NLGJA said in its Monday “open letter” to the media, “the person we have previously known as Bruce Jenner revealed preferred pronouns, and her new name, Caitlyn.”

And rightly so.

So that’s it. A man wants to be called a woman and the media are supposed to fall in line.

Yes. They are. Next!

The NLGJA informs the media that “Transgender people should be referred to by the name and gender with which they identify. Some transgender people choose to take hormones or have medical procedures, but that’s not what determines the right name and pronoun to use. It is stating one’s gender identity that is what should guide word use. Jenner should be referred to as she and her.”

Completely and utterly true.

How does growing one’s hair long and wearing a dress make Bruce Jenner into a woman? Some might say it makes him appear to be crazy, a pervert or a lunatic.

You fucking coward!

Not only do you hold a morally abhorrent point of view, but you don’t even have the bollocks to come right out and say it, instead you hide behind  ‘Some might say…

Some might say that Messrs. Fischer and Kincaid are two of the most bigoted, brainwashed, intolerant, arrogant arseholes ever to walk on the surface of planet Earth.

And of course when I use the term ‘some might say‘, I actually mean that ‘I definitely say‘. Because I am not a coward and willingly call out bullshit when I see it!

Not only have they both written about a subject they clearly know nothing about, i.e. Transgenderism, having confused it with transvestitism and sexual orientation, but they have backed it up with a complete misunderstanding of human biology and skewed statistics, and the only actual proof they supplied comes from the Neolithic Goat herders Handbook.

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2 Responses to Caitlyn Jenner? Nope! It’s Still Bruce.

  1. David Hughes says:

    Great blog Andy. Why is the the world just stuffed full of hateful narrow minded bigots.
    I loathe them. They must lead very unfulfilled shallow lives.
    Wonder if they ever considered that minding their own business might make them & everyone else happier.
    Keep up the good work 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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