Questions For Atheists From A College Student (Via Godless Mom)


This article came about as Courtney of had been contacted by a christian college student who was doing a research paper on atheism.

Please find the original article by Godlessmom here :-

Questions For Atheists From A College Student

Courtney kindly offered us fellow bloggers the chance to  answer the same set of questions.  I, amongst others, have taken up the gauntlet and offer my own answers below.

1. Why are you an Atheist?

Because, as yet, I haven’t been provided with any compelling evidence to support his/her/its existence. To be brutally frank, I haven’t been provided with any evidence at all!

Let me be quite clear. I have been an atheist since birth.

2. Have you ever believed in a higher power?

No. Not even once. As a child I would have loved to believe that deities like Thor, Zeus and Cuchulain were real, but could never accept that any deity figure or any anthropomorphism of any natural phenomena ever really existed.

3. If so, did something traumatic happen to make you stop believing?

I’ve suffered trauma, but it didn’t have any effect at all on my atheism.

4. If not, why did you stop believing?

I was born an atheist. Resisted all attempts at emotional blackmail and the other standard religious brainwashing techniques. I have never believed in any god.

Born, lived and will die an atheist.

5. What do you think happens to us when we die?

We decompose and our constituent atoms are put to other uses.  Don’t mention the spiritual me or my soul, as I’m firmly of the opinion that I don’t have one… And neither do you.

To believe that a soul lives on after the body dies is like believing that Windows keeps running when you’ve turned your computer off.

6. Without believing in a higher power, where do you think we get our morals from?

A moral code is a learned response, from our environment, our peers, our parents and teachers. And its a subject I’ve covered before, here.

7. Where did the universe come from?

Short answer: I don’t know.

Longer answer: Quantum Physicists believe the universe came into being via the (misnamed) Big Bang, which they theorise could have been a quantum singularity that popped spontaneously into existence.  They’ve studied it, I haven’t.  But the overwhelming mountain of evidence that is being added to every day suggests that the Big Bang is the only viable explanation for the origin of the universe.

Where did the singularity come from? Nobody knows.  But unlike religion, science isn’t afraid to answer, “we don’t know yet.”

8. Whats your views on Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens?

Highly intelligent debaters and champions of atheism in this crazy, crazy world.

9. Do you consider yourself as a weak atheist or a strong atheist?

I don’t understand this question.  One is either an atheist or one is not.  Don’t start adding the gnostic/agnostic qualification to that as atheism and agnosticism are two seperate things?

10. How can you prove god doesn’t exist?

You can’t prove a negative.  But as you’ve asked me to do so, then I’ll return the compliment.  How do you prove that all the other gods, about whom you are atheistic don’t exist?

Hmmm? Not so easy is it?

11. Do you believe in miracles?


12. Do you have a support group/system?

I’m going to quote my friend Secular Scarlet for this one as I think she put it beautifully:

A support group for living a life, my family, friends and the amazing community  I have found blogging and on twitter.

13. Do you try to get others not to believe?

No. I tend to find myself targeted by those who wish to make me a believer.  When that happens, I simply return fire.  If others change their view to match mine, well then good… But that’s not my aim.

14. Do others tend to view you differently when they discover you’re an Atheist?

In the UK, in my daily life. No. Most of Europe tends more towards the secular than the US and the overtly Catholic countries. In my experience, nobody really gives it much thought.

15. Do people tend to try to convince you that your views are wrong?

Via social media, yes. In the real world, it has happened only once that I recall. His attempt failed… Miserably.

16. How does your family view your beliefs. Are they supportive?

I come from an atheist family. You do the maths. 😉

17. What are your views on Madelyn O’Hair?

Who? And why should I have an opinion? As I’ve never heard of her, I suggest that she has never head of me either.  So our religious views have absolutely no bearing on each other.

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