The Lying, The Witch And The Worthless

imgresAs Halloween was approaching, my friend Secular Scarlet suggested that I retweet the link to my post from earlier this year entitled “Suffer Not a Witch To Live“. Apropos of the link between witches and the candy-coated, party atmosphere of Halloween.

If you read it, you’ll know that the post was not at all fun or happy in any respect, but I decided to Tweet it anyway.

imgresNow, I’m not one to drop names, but I was gratified to see that the well-known singer, Alison Moyet retweeted it, and I am grateful for the exposure that her tweet will have provided.  Not for any personal aggrandizement I hope you understand, but because it is too important a story to be forgotten.

Basically, it’s the story of a clearly mentally ill woman who was attacked and set on fire by a baying mob in Nigeria after accusations that she was a witch.

If you watch the video, you will clearly see a police officer standing by and doing nothing to protect her, in fact only one man tried to help by using a stick to try and keep the crowds back.

It was truly horrifying.

So, Ms Moyet’s initial tweet:


Started a short twitter exchange:


Which culminated in that beautiful tweet by @crowcorvine.  I’ll show it again:


I think @crowcorvine has encapsulated the problem with religion in one sweet sentence.

imgresNow don’t get me wrong, I have no problem at all with you believing in any mythological deity figure you wish. Really I don’t. As long as your personal beliefs don’t impinge on others.  After all, some religions required sacrifice, both animal and human. Whilst others seek to curb the human rights of those who follow them.

Not only that, but they also seek to actively push their religious beliefs on me, sometimes with double talk and leaflets, but also at the point of a sword.  We’ve all seen the videos of beheadings and torture carried out in the Middle East in the name of Islam, the “Religion of Peace”

Christianity too has a long and bloody history that goes back even further into antiquity than Islam, and many say that it has grown beyond this sort of behaviour. After all, the usual is to mention the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition when talking about the horrors inflicted on the masses by the Christian church.

And then we see images like this:


A sick, old woman beaten and burned alive in 2014.

Yep!  Christianity has clearly shown itself to have matured into a kind, loving and tolerant religion.

Now it could be that there was an ulterior motive for the accusation and subsequent brutality.  Maybe she owned land that her accuser badly wanted and this was the most efficient means to get her out of the way. Or perhaps her eccentric behaviour was upsetting the children in the neighbourhood.

But that would be missing the point.  The point is that religion was so easily used as the excuse for this brutal murder.  A murder that has never seen any of the guilty face justice of any kind.

What does that tell you about religious ideologies?

It tells me that it can be and is used to promote violence and hatred for the most ridiculous of reasons against innocent people.

And before anyone accuses me of picking on Christianity and Islam, but ignoring other religions such as, for instance, Buddhism, that bastion of peaceful love and cosmic transcendence…



So you see, regardless of how a religion may paint itself as tolerant and peaceful, it can always be used to promote violence, brutality and terrorism.

The sooner religion is consigned to history, the better!

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10 Responses to The Lying, The Witch And The Worthless

  1. ‘ I have no problem at all with you believing in any mythological deity figure you wish. Really I don’t. As long as your personal beliefs don’t impinge on others.’

    100% agree.

    Believe whatever you like, as long as you don’t hurt anyone doing it and you respect the right of others to do the same.

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  2. frankiebird says:

    Bro, you nailed it “it is so easily used as an excuse”…this religion that we talk about!! If someone uses it for purposes other than to love or help their fellow man then it is indeed wrong to allow it to happen!! Regardless of God or not, our humanity should tell us right from wrong! I cherry pick cause I do like to try to see the good in people ….but God help the fuckers if they cross me or mine (that would include you bro)…

    Btw, you so loved Alison Moyer giving g it large over your blog…and why not?? Hell, I even got to conv with her too!! You atheist feckers do hang out with the best celebs…. Fx💋💟😇💙

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    • Thank you Sis. Your opinions are always welcome.

      Ah yes. Me and Alison, showbiz pals 🙂

      And I already know not to mess with you. I’ve been eviscerated before, so I’m glad you’re on my side 🙂


  3. Bad Girl Bex says:

    Really well written piece Andy. Also – love the title, very slick!

    When you lay it all out so concisely and succinctly like that, it all just sounds like such a no-brainer that one struggles to understand how any rational, compassionate individual could have anything to do with such backwards, archaic thinking and brutally savage barbarism. How do you even get to a place where that seems like an acceptable, logical conclusion? Religion is the ONLY factor that allows/encourages atrocities like this and yet, for some reason people still think that they are blameless when their involvement is more peripheral; more moderate.

    But it all contributes. Every person who perpetuates the notion of heaven and hell, of Satan, demons and roasting in a lake of eternal fire, they’re part of the problem. The actual burning of a woman thought to be a witch might only be conducted in less developed nations nowadays, but the concept of heathen souls succumbing to eternal damnation and burning forever is a perfectly acceptable notion to many Christians in first world nations. If they really do believe that to be the fate of the non-saved, then they aren’t much better than the savages who burn people to death in this life. They believe that their god will do this to non-believers and they’re totally okay with that.

    Like I said, only religion can affect the sensibilities of an otherwise decent and rational human being, to the point where immolation is deemed acceptable – whether it be in this life or the perceived afterlife. The sooner we as a species cast off the shackles of these sadistic ways of thinking, the better the human race will be as a whole.

    Thanks for a great read Andy


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    • Bex,

      Thank you for the kind words and the measured response.

      I agree with you that so called moderates with a religion carry equal culpability with the extremists. By sharing an ideology they validate the existence and actions of the religious zealots who carry out atrocities in the name of their deity and provide tacit approval.

      It doesn’t matter how often or vociferously they offer the “No True Scotsman” defence, the sad fact is they are apologists for the more overtly evil members of their particular cult.

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  4. Jan Hopper says:

    Dearest Andy. ..So succinctly written, spot on in every regard! The wordsmiths before me have written far more eloquently than I ever could about what you have so beautifully written about such the UTTERLY UGLY side of religion, and those who actively espouse it! Kudos Andy!

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  5. Also, sincerest of thanks to Secular Scarlet…Without whom many would never have seen this wonderful piece…..

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