Refugees Or Invasion Force?

1949As most of you will be aware, Paris has just come under terrorist attack, with at least 60 dead and an unconfirmed number held hostage at the time of writing. But I’m sure that the body count will climb before this is all over.

Did I say when this is all over?

My mistake. I’m firmly of the belief that this is just the beginning and the time to strike back, and strike back hard is now!

3670Paris was rocked earlier tonight by a series of explosions and gunfire, when at least six men armed with what are thought to be AK47’s attacked innocent civilians in the Bataclan Theatre as they enjoyed a rock concert.

At least one of the explosions in a restaurant is thought to have been a suicide bomber.

A witness claimed that he heard one of the terrorists shout “Alluh Al Akhbar” as they shot people as they lay on the floor.

6bb72474b2a1485fe37131636810956644699670ea889591fe950c2a4b477b92Another unconfirmed report states that the attack was “revenge” for the death of Jihadi John, the British national whose only claim to fame is the cowardly “execution” by beheading of several people in the Middle East.

I think we can all agree that Islam is behind this despicable attack.

If you take into account the massive increase in the violent crime rate in Sweden, that corresponds directly with the rise in the Muslim population, and the attacks that we are starting to see in the Netherlands against women by Muslim ‘refugees’.

This is a YouTube video of Muslim men attempting to impose Sharia law in London:




Now look at this photograph of refugees entering Europe.

What do you see?

Any women? Children? Elderly?

No, just men. Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t a photo of refugees, but a photo of an invading force?

Islam is taking over, and we already know what a cruel, heartless and mysogynistic ideology it is.  We are constantly accused of Islamophobia if we question the behaviour and actions of these people.

And we have apologists who seem to be bending over backwards to make excuses for it all, and a set of leaders who are unwilling to take any concrete measures to protect the indigenous population.

The army of refugees claim that they are trying to escape Islam, and I’m sure that many of them are, but the question must be asked, if you are coming to Europe to escape from a vile, brutal ideology, why the fuck are you bringing it with you?

I have no wish to paint all Muslim immigrants with the same brush I really am certain that many are exactly what they say they are, but as I watch events unfold throughout Europe, I am forced to believe that a number of them are actually coming here to bring their religious hatred and impose it on us.

And we’re letting them do it!

We need the leader of the western world to make a stand and if necessary bring the hammer down vigorously on the animals (there is no other word for them) who are carrying out these atrocities in the name of the Religion of Peace.

Islamophobia is a complete misnomer. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear, but a fear of Islam is a rational fear, a very rational fear indeed, as we can see from the barbaric events in Paris. Events that I am certain will be repeated in other cities around Europe, unless we act now!

My thoughts are with the families of the dead in Paris tonight.

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  1. Certainly not mostly refugees, I will say that


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