Paedophiles Need Help, Not Punishment?

urlSee the photo on the left? That delightful man is Trevor Monk, a convicted paedophile who has just been sentenced to 19 years in prison for paedophilia in the Philippines as well as having a huge number of child abuse photos and videos in his possession.

A disgusting and sick man, I’m sure that we can all agree… At least most of us.  This topic was covered by Jay Von Grime and Secular Scarlet in Scarlet’s blog post entitled ‘Paedophiles…The Pond Dwellers Of Twitter‘, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

No, what I want to address are a series of tweets by Project 2501 (Mr B) aka @funkydoolah.

Now, before I begin, I want to stress that I am in no way accusing Project 2501 of being a paedophile or a paedophilia apologist, but he made these statements in a public forum and I felt a need to respond, but was limited by the 140 characters, so my repudiation is here.

In response to several tweets from various people stating that they were happy (if that’s the right word) that Monk has been sent to prison for his crimes, Project 2501 tweeted this:


Now, whilst I am in full agreement that paedophilia is a mental aberration and as such should be treated, I absolutely refuse to accept that there is any place for them in society other than behind bars.

After all, in the UK we have several secure facilities for dealing with the dangerously mentally ill, such as Broadmoor and Rampton, that are prisons just as much as they are treatment centres.

So, by all means investigate ways to ‘cure’ them of their sickness, but under no circumstances try to make them out to be the victims.  The children they abuse are the victims!

He followed it up with this:


Whilst it is true that it wasn’t all that long ago that homosexuality was punishable under the law, I find it incredible that anyone could even attempt to draw a comparison between same-gender sexual activity between consenting adults and the destruction of a child’s innocence and in many cases their lives.  I know of at least one adult who was the victim of sexual abuse as a child, and he is still dealing with the aftermath well into middle age.

Quite apart from the fact that homosexuality is rife throughout the animal kingdom, in humans it is one of the life choices made by an adult.

No, I am not saying that people choose to be gay, but I am saying that as adults they choose to take part in sexual activity based on the maturity to deal with such a personal matter.

The children who are targeted by paedophiles have that choice taken away from them, much like the adult victims of rape.

Are rapists offered psychiatric counselling? No.  They are put behind bars and rightly so!

When I asked Project if he was equating homosexuality with paedophilia, his response was:


Let’s get one thing straight here.

A fondness for eating pussy is a sexual predilection. BDSM in a dungeon between two (or more) consenting adults is a predilection. Hell, even a liking for bukkake and golden showers are sexual predilections.

Forcing yourself onto an innocent child is not! It is an evil and despicable act and there is no getting away from that. To refer to it as a predilection is a perversion of the word, one that I would suggest is designed to try and make light of a serious issue.


My response to that is, do we want to?  I’ll be honest, I don’t care why these sick fuckers get their jollies the way they do, all I know is, they are parasites that commit acts of unspeakable evil against those members of society that are least able to defend themselves.

Do we ask why mosquitoes bite human and cause Malaria? No, we simply search for ways to battle the disease they cause.

Are locust swarms reasoned with by psychologists? No, they are killed with poison.

Now, as I freely admit, I know that paedophilia is a mental aberration, but I refuse  point blank to see it as a treatable mental condition, simply because of one single fact.

An insane person thinks they are the only sane person in the room.  They experience no shame and don’t understand that their behaviour is not just abnormal, but also unacceptable in open society.

A paedophile does not.

  • Why else would the child abuser hide in the shadows?
  • Why else do they tell little Susie that it’s ‘our little secret and if you tell on me I’ll come and get you‘?
  • Why else would they seek out like minded perverts and form a support network in order to share information and in some cases victims with each other?

The fact is, they know that their behaviour is both illegal and immoral, but they do it anyway, without thought for the cost in human misery that they inflict.

Paedophilia is wrong on so many levels, and they know it is. But they do it anyway.

They only cure for these people is chemical castration and a hefty prison sentence to keep our children  safe.

Anything else is a betrayal of the trust that our children put in us and a betrayal of their human rights. Rights that the paedophile gives up, the first time he or she acts on their vile sexual drives.

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5 Responses to Paedophiles Need Help, Not Punishment?

  1. Darth says:

    Thank you, Andy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. secularscarlet says:

    One wonders would he have the same replies if we were talking of adult rape? 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr B says:

    The title would have been more appropriate as paedophiles need help “and” punishment… As that was my initial post, but interesting read regardless, worth noting castration doesn’t penetrative sex isn’t always the abuse in question so castration would be ineffective in many cases. Ita also worth asking a pedophile that doesn’t act on their impulses (I’m theorising they must exist)… Should they also be castrated?


    • Chemical castration doesn’t just stop the physical ability to perform sexually, it also diminishes and ultimately removes the libido, or sex drive of the individual by dropping testosterone levels, basically turning one into an asexual being.

      If the impulse is removed along with the physical ability then I fail to see how it wouldn’t work as a deterrent and also as long term protection for future possible victims.


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