My Skin Is Thick And My Shoulders Broad

imagesI think the title says it all, but I suppose I should elucidate.

You can call me all sorts of a bastard online or denigrate my intelligence, views (both ideological and religious), question my ethics, gender, orientation and morality.

You are free to do all of that and although I won’t say it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t send me into a rage… Most of the time I’ll be laughing at you… Not with you, but AT you!

You see, I spend quite a lot of time online ‘debating’ with extremists of all stripes, religious freaks, SJWs, feminists and racists of all colours (yes, racism isn’t restricted to those of us with a creamy complexion) and in my experience so far, they all have something in common.

Wanna know what it is? Well I’ll tell you…

They all cannot stand the fact that I disagree with them and demand that I respect their views (I don’t) even as they refuse to respect – and in some cases refuse to even hear – mine.

  • Am I triggered? No.
  • Do I need a safe space? No.
  • Will I claim oppression? No.
  • Will I run to the authorities claiming that I fear for my safety? No.

That’s right, those self-appointed champions of free speech, as long as it’s understood that they and only they are the arbiters of what is free speech and what is hate speech.  As we’ve seen with SJWs and feminists in particular, hate speech is anything that disagrees with their ideology and world view.

I have never incited anyone to violence, I have never espoused any view that denigrates a person, but I have many times opened my fat gob about ideologies that I find hateful and/or extremist.

Also, I would never take part in any form of action that would attempt to silence a voice I disagreed with by means of threatening, disruptive or violent behaviour.

Can those who make up any of the groups previously mentioned say the same?

We only have to look at the actions of ISIS and Hamas amongst others whose barbaric acts against whole towns and villages, including mass murder, mass rape and mass torture are all carried out in the name of Islam.

Even the Buddhists have started packing heat ferfucksake!

And there are the acts of terror carried out by Christian fundamentalists in America, such as the bombing of family planning clinics and the murder of people who work in them.

Feminists and SJWs disrupting any talks or presentations that they do not agree with in universities across the western world. You only need to go on YouTube to see that it is difficult for personalities such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Hoff Sommers and Janice Fiamengo to be able to hold dignified talks without disruption by the self appointed guardians of the moral high ground.

It is telling that, supporters of these people never seem to reciprocate with similar tactics.  In fact when dissenters to their cause attempt anything, it is usually to ask difficult questions or point out fallacies in a polite manner.

Check out the video below to see how Lauren Southern is physically attacked, simply for pointing out a biological fact, politely and with a small injection of humour:

Yep! First we have the meaningless buzzwords, privilege, CIS gender etc, as well as the insistence that Lauren’s sexuality and colour immediately negates her right to an opinion, and then we have rape brought in for no reason that I can see, and then in light of their acceptance that they can’t actually refute her statement, she has a bottle of piss poured over her head.

The whooping and catcalling clearly demonstrate the level of intellect at play here.

Ally that to the fact that any and I do mean any display of anything less than 100% agreement with their party line, automatically has you branded as racist / sexist / privileged / homophobe / islamophobe / hater /  transphobe / rape apologist*, along with an attempt to silence you by whatever means necessary.

(*Delete as required)

I think Milo said it best when he was describing how to behave:

Instead of trying to silence your opponents, simply allow the deficiencies of their position and arguments to do it for you… If they are actually deficient that is.

Sunlight is the best disinfectantMilo Yiannopoulos

Conversely, if they’re not deficient, then maybe just maybe you should be prepared to amend your own opinions.

It’s time to face it.  Bully boy tactics will not stop me from defending my positions on ideology, politics or religion, it will simply strengthen my resolve.

I’m willing to debate anyone, any time over a variety of subjects, wanna have a go? Drop me a comment or tweet me at Cyber Atheist (@atheist_andy) and we can have at it.

I will never attempt to silence you, as my belief in freedom of speech applies to everyone, even stupid fuckers like Lacey Green, Chanty “Big Red” Binx, Anjem Choudary, The skewed editorial staff of Al Jazeera and Fox News to name but a few.

I may not or ever respect your point of view, but I will always respect your right to hold it, and even your right to try and convince me (by peaceful and intellectual means) to agree with you. But I would also expect you to offer me the same consideration… Having seen extremists in action though, I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

Let me be quite clear though, I will restrict my resistance to extremists of whatever stripe purely with measured words and rational arguments.  Most of the time, I’ll be laughing disdainfully at you as I do… Unless you offer me direct physical violence, in which case you should be prepared for the consequences of your own actions. That is to say, I’ll fall upon you like Thor on a bad hair day.

I will never start a fight, but my word, I’ll do my best to finish one.

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4 Responses to My Skin Is Thick And My Shoulders Broad

  1. David Hughes says:

    Hi Andy, good points. Milo talks a lot of sense.
    Must admit I am sometimes guilty of getting dragged into negative mind set by the arrogance and ignorance of blinkered smug theists and particlularly science deniers 😡😡😡
    Enjoyed your blog,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Frankie says:

    You’re a good guy bro….. this was a cracker of a blog !! Fx💋💟😇

    Liked by 1 person

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