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Team America: World Police

Ah the good old US of A. Self appointed leader and moral guardian for the free world. Where would we be without that fine defender of democracy, doing battle on all fronts against the enemies of all the freedoms that we … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A Path To Godlessness

What follows is an account by my friend of how he found his way to atheism after a lifetime of strong religious belief. If you wish t follow him on Twitter, he’s @IPWMA. I was born in a Catholic family, … Continue reading

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The Lying, The Witch And The Worthless

As Halloween was approaching, my friend Secular Scarlet suggested that I retweet the link to my post from earlier this year entitled “Suffer Not a Witch To Live“. Apropos of the link between witches and the candy-coated, party atmosphere of … Continue reading

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Blanket Statements & Intellectual Dishonesty

I recently entered into a Twitter spat with @EveKeneinan over a tract of text she posted which I’ll reproduce below. I took umbrage at the sweeping generalisations it contained about the honesty, integrity and intelligence of atheist debaters. She later stated … Continue reading

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Ignorance: A Bad Thing?

My last post generated quite a response, mostly concerning ignorance. Most of the responses I received stated that atheism is based on ignorance. To a certain extent I would agree, but if you bear with me, I’ll clarify exactly what … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Jenner? Nope! It’s Still Bruce.

At least according to those idiots who write for it is. You see, those utter morons are once again spouting about a subject they clearly don’t understand. At all! Allow me to demonstrate what I mean.

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Secular Meltdown! Oh My God!

See this bloke? His name is Tom Hoopes and he’s a writer in residence at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. He has quite a lot to say about religion, especially Catholicism and the moral collapse of Europe. Let’s have a look … Continue reading

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