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The Earth Is NOT Round!

The planet Earth is not round. Yeah, I said it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing with those crazy kids at the Flat Earth Society, but it has to be said, the Earth is not round. It’s an oblate … Continue reading

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Kikes, Pakis, Coons and Crackers

Provocative title huh? I bet you’re wondering where I’m going to go with this. Well allow me to explain. I have a love of the English language and I am also quite proud of my command of it.  I have … Continue reading

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Ezer Good, Ezer Good, He’s Ebenezer Good.

I’ve been looking into the Allosaurus that was snapped up by the Creation Museum, that bastion of twisted lies and misinformation housed in Petersburg, Kentucky, ‘Murica. And my goodness, don’t Ken Ham and his equally deluded cronies have some bollocks … Continue reading

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New Home For My Blog

My blog that was at has now moved to Almost all of the content has been moved across, but unfortunately, some of the posts were lost in the move. Have no fear though, the new blog is up … Continue reading

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Watchers Of The Sky

I was introduced to a documentary by my friend, Secular Scarlet(@naradee12) and it makes for compelling viewing. It is called Watchers Of The Sky, and is dark, chilling, scary and I urge you all to watch it. If I’m honest, … Continue reading

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The Flood Myth…. I told ya it was raining!

This is a guest post by Secular Scarlet, whose fantastic blog can be found here. I have always had a fascination for ancient mythology and how through the ages it is altered to suit the peoples of that area. One … Continue reading

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Crucifixion Or Crucifiction?

There are several alleged events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus according to the bible, and I would like to briefly examine one of them. And that is the claim that there was an eclipse of the sun during his time on … Continue reading

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