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#Brexit Stage Left

Well, the referendum is done and the majority voted and the country is now to gird it’s loins and exit the European Union. Yep! The decision’s been made and now we just have to get on with it, right? Right? … Continue reading

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Paedophiles Need Help, Not Punishment?

See the photo on the left? That delightful man is Trevor Monk, a convicted paedophile who has just been sentenced to 19 years in prison for paedophilia in the Philippines as well as having a huge number of child abuse … Continue reading

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Team America: World Police

Ah the good old US of A. Self appointed leader and moral guardian for the free world. Where would we be without that fine defender of democracy, doing battle on all fronts against the enemies of all the freedoms that we … Continue reading

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Kikes, Pakis, Coons and Crackers

Provocative title huh? I bet you’re wondering where I’m going to go with this. Well allow me to explain. I have a love of the English language and I am also quite proud of my command of it.  I have … Continue reading

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Making a Mountain Out of Mole Hills

I see the British tabloids are up in arms again. It seems that a British tourist called Eleanor Hawkins was arrested for baring her boobs at a sacred mountain, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. Apparently this behaviour disrespected the Mountain Gods and caused … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Jenner? Nope! It’s Still Bruce.

At least according to those idiots who write for it is. You see, those utter morons are once again spouting about a subject they clearly don’t understand. At all! Allow me to demonstrate what I mean.

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We Must Be Better Than Them

*Warning – Graphic Images* My last post concerned capital punishment and having done some research into the subject, I must admit that I have revised my opinions somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the use of capital … Continue reading

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