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#Brexit Stage Left

Well, the referendum is done and the majority voted and the country is now to gird it’s loins and exit the European Union. Yep! The decision’s been made and now we just have to get on with it, right? Right? … Continue reading

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My Skin Is Thick And My Shoulders Broad

I think the title says it all, but I suppose I should elucidate. You can call me all sorts of a bastard online or denigrate my intelligence, views (both ideological and religious), question my ethics, gender, orientation and morality. You … Continue reading

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Kikes, Pakis, Coons and Crackers

Provocative title huh? I bet you’re wondering where I’m going to go with this. Well allow me to explain. I have a love of the English language and I am also quite proud of my command of it.  I have … Continue reading

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Capital Justice For Capital Crimes?

*WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES* The death penalty.  What a contentious issue. Before I begin, I wish to make something quite clear.  I am in favour of the death penalty for a number of crimes. Child rapist/murders, mass murderers such as … Continue reading

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Shi’ite On A Sunni Day

Is it me or is Islam imploding? I certainly hope so. The reason I asked that question is based on two things: The current (or should that be eternal) troubles in the Middle East The schism within the Islamic faith between … Continue reading

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