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My Skin Is Thick And My Shoulders Broad

I think the title says it all, but I suppose I should elucidate. You can call me all sorts of a bastard online or denigrate my intelligence, views (both ideological and religious), question my ethics, gender, orientation and morality. You … Continue reading

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Team America: World Police

Ah the good old US of A. Self appointed leader and moral guardian for the free world. Where would we be without that fine defender of democracy, doing battle on all fronts against the enemies of all the freedoms that we … Continue reading

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Links, Snippets And 3 Questions

This post is something of a departure from my normal style. Basically it’s just going to be a selection of links to news stories and other websites, with one or two snippets extracted from each one, then I’m going to ask … Continue reading

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Refugees Or Invasion Force?

As most of you will be aware, Paris has just come under terrorist attack, with at least 60 dead and an unconfirmed number held hostage at the time of writing. But I’m sure that the body count will climb before this is … Continue reading

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Captagon – Extremism In Pill Form

In 1961, a drug called Captagon (technical name: Fenethylline) was developed by a Degussa AG, a German pharmaceutical company with a stellar reputation for quality products. They are the people who brought us Zyklon B, the poison used to great … Continue reading

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