Links, Snippets And 3 Questions

imgresThis post is something of a departure from my normal style.

Basically it’s just going to be a selection of links to news stories and other websites, with one or two snippets extracted from each one, then I’m going to ask three questions and I’d appreciate hearing your answers and views in the comments section.

Okay, here goes:

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Guest Post: A Path To Godlessness

imagesWhat follows is an account by my friend of how he found his way to atheism after a lifetime of strong religious belief.

If you wish t follow him on Twitter, he’s @IPWMA.

I was born in a Catholic family, the kind of Catholic that attend church not so frequently and not necessarily observing all the rules as they should be. By the time I was 15 years old a Catholic Priest didn’t forgive me for the “sin” of masturbation, which devastated me at the time.

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Refugees Or Invasion Force?

1949As most of you will be aware, Paris has just come under terrorist attack, with at least 60 dead and an unconfirmed number held hostage at the time of writing. But I’m sure that the body count will climb before this is all over.

Did I say when this is all over?

My mistake. I’m firmly of the belief that this is just the beginning and the time to strike back, and strike back hard is now!

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Red Sky In Morning, Global Warming

imagesKen Ham’s been bumping his gums again. And once again, both his ignorance and dishonesty have been put out there for everyone to see. This time he has climate change in his sights, focusing on Antarctica and a new report that claims it isn’t losing ice.

But this time, he’s stepped across the line from ridiculous eccentric to dangerous lunatic.

Why dangerous? Simple, because there are ignorant people out there who hang on to his every word and treat them as gospel.

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The Lying, The Witch And The Worthless

imgresAs Halloween was approaching, my friend Secular Scarlet suggested that I retweet the link to my post from earlier this year entitled “Suffer Not a Witch To Live“. Apropos of the link between witches and the candy-coated, party atmosphere of Halloween.

If you read it, you’ll know that the post was not at all fun or happy in any respect, but I decided to Tweet it anyway.

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I Hate Strawberries

straw_03I hate strawberries. I mean I properly detest them in all their juicy, red nastiness.

No apology is offered for my anti-strawberry stance and I don’t expect you to understand it.  After all, you haven’t had the same life experience as I have, especially with regard to the fruit of the Degaria Ananassa or common strawberry.

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Blanket Statements & Intellectual Dishonesty

imagesI recently entered into a Twitter spat with @EveKeneinan over a tract of text she posted which I’ll reproduce below. I took umbrage at the sweeping generalisations it contained about the honesty, integrity and intelligence of atheist debaters.

She later stated that it was part of a larger blog post written by Edward Feser entitled ‘Walter Mitty Atheism‘ and that although it could be seen as a blanket statement, in the greater context of the full post, it actually wasn’t.

So I decided to read the full post and decide for myself.

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