#Brexit Stage Left

imgresWell, the referendum is done and the majority voted and the country is now to gird it’s loins and exit the European Union.

Yep! The decision’s been made and now we just have to get on with it, right?


Farage-bansky-style-for-web3.jpgWell maybe not. It now appears that we were lied to by the Exit campaign and obviously, Nigel Farage is going to storm parliament with his apish, racist chums and seize power. Also, those of us who voted to exit have earned our very own racist cards and have ridden roughshod of the human rights of the oppressed lovers of tolerance and diversity.

In the words of a ‘friend’ of over 25 years who recently cut ties with me via Facebook:

“Andrew, cannot agree with your politics. Cant accept the hate demonstrated by the leave campaign. Cannot understand. So with regret I duly unfriend you. I dont want the Brexit Brigade goose stepping down the Mall.”

I’ll be honest, the majority of the ‘hate’ I’ve seen about this issue has been coming from the side of those who supported remaining in the EU. And I’m not the only one:


As well as shaming tactics, insults and outright lies! For instance, check out this little exchange:


Yep! Because as I freely stated in this exchange, my main reason for voting as I did, I am automatically a racist. The first resort of the Left, if in doubt, label your opponent as a hater.

Over and over, we see the Loony Leftists and SJW’s replacing reasoned arguments and calm debate with ad hominem attacks.

We’ve seen Millennials stating that older people shouldn’t have the vote as they are out of touch and don’t understand that the vote to leave the EU – It was a majority of older voters in to 40 to 65+ age rage that carried the day – has ruined the lives of the younger voters because:

“They will die a lot sooner than us, so don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions for as long as we do.”

Really? We don’t understand the issues? We haven’t grown up watching the EU grow from what was once called the Common Market, an entity that was purely to strengthen trade links with other European countries into a huge bureaucracy made up of un-elected officials who can and do ride roughshod over British laws.

A bureaucracy that introduces meaningless and petty rules and regulations over all aspects of our lives, seemingly on a whim.  Did you know, for instance, that there are thousands of rules and regulations covering just bananas…. Not food, not fruit… BANANAS!

Other Twitter users claimed that the rights of the 16 million Remain voters were being ignored for a number of reasons:

  1. A Scottish vote should be worth two English votes because proportional representation.
  2. Voters who didn’t turn out to vote should be counted as a vote to remain as it clearly means the individual preferred the status quo.
  3. The Leave vote will put the National Front in power.
  1. Well Scotland might like the idea of proportional representation due to the fact that the total population (5.3 Million) is approximately half that of London.  Just a shame we believe in one person, one vote eh? This same tweeter stated that it was one rule for England and one rule for Scotland due to the fact that their own referendum for leaving to UK resulted in a majority decision to stay. Not quite sure how that works if I’m honest as only Scottish people had a vote in that one, so…
  2. Everybody with the legal right to vote had the opportunity to do so, and a failure to turn out points more towards apathy than a desire to keep things as they were. To put it simply, your rights began and ended with your right to vote, not with a right to the result you wanted.
  3. Nobody could be so foolish to realistically think that an extremist organisation could control the government.  The population isn’t that unsophisticated.  You only have to recall how Nick Griffen shot himself in the foot when he was given the opportunity to publicly air his views on Question Time to see that.

It gets better… STOP PRESS – According to the Washington Post, “Brexit is a reminder that some things just shouldn’t be decided by referendum“. Really? Well that led to quite possibly the most stupid series of tweets I have ever seen! Sadly I’ve since been blocked by the author, @Brianrrs37, so I can’t reproduce them here, (simply follow this link to my original tweet and see for yourself) that he considers a vote to be mob rule and as I believe in the democratic process, then I support Hitler and the atrocities he carried out.

That particular nonsense led to this:


I suggest that the reason was not racism or human rights, but rather its a question of economics, political autonomy and sovereignty

I’ve no doubt that should we have stayed in the EU, we would at some point be renamed Airstrip One.

Where lies the fascism in this little spat eh?

Clearly some people don’t know how to recognise intolerant and fascistic behaviour in themselves, and have no clue how democracy works.

Oh and the people who voted to remain want another go because they didn’t get the result that they wanted. Even after David Cameron said that there would not be another go, regardless of how close it was… Shot himself in the foot when he didn’t get the result that he and the rest of Europe expected and hoped for.

Shame… Bye Dave.

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2 Responses to #Brexit Stage Left

  1. yonnie2014 says:

    I totally despair with a lot of the remain views on the result. I even had to intervene in a spat on facebook between my daughter and her step mother (my wife) because my daughters responses were exactly as you have described above. Apparently my wife is a ‘moron and a bigot’ for voting leave and ‘selfish’ for ‘ruining my daughters future’. You can imagine the conversation I had with her a couple of days later after she had calmed down and realised that the sky wasn’t about to fall on all our heads. I imagine that this type of scenario was replicated on thousands of facebook pages all over the country because people of a certain age and political persuasion see no problem in using ad hominem attacks and anti democratic tactics such as demanding a second vote because they didn’t get their way. They obviously do not understand how democracy actually works, which would explain why they wanted to remain part of the hugely anti democratic monstrosity that is the EU. My daughter is still ticking, especially after I told her that she, and her generation, might actually thank us in the future for taking us out when we did!

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  2. Anonymous Grace says:

    Completely agree! I voted leave for the exact same reasons…what the EU was originally, is not what it is today. And the goal is a federal state. I don’t want to be part of that. That doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot. It just means I kinda like my country and I want it to survive.

    I have a totally different worldview to you – I’m a Christian and full on ‘God-botherer’, but I can’t imagine unfriending someone because of a clash in the way we see things. Fascinating!

    Great post!

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